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allessence 02-16-2017 11:09 AM

For years I have struggled with grease fittings and have always wanted a better way with getting grease where it belongs..

Little did I realize some of it was my own fault when I could not get a coupler off the grease fitting (to much pressure in the line still) and pulled the hose or the fitting out of the mounting hole.. Argh..

Recently in the PTEN mag I was reading there was an advert for LOCKnLube..

At first I was intrigued but them forgot about it.. Until I had to rebuild the front end on the 2001 F350 Super Duty powerstroke's front axle.. Yup, had a pinion bearing have a heart attack and spent a week tearing it apart, cleaning, new bearings and putting it all back together.. l

Not that I am a big fan of any truck make.. But I just like a truck that works.. I mistakenly thought by purchasing an F350 I would be getting a Dana60 front.. NOPE.. Ford used 50's in them unless they were a dually until the 50's were all used up.. Fer's...

Anyhow, I ended up greasing all the joints and such and it's when I figured out the traditional coupling was stuck till the pressure of the grease equilized and then I could take the hose off.. I then also remembered why I hate to grease anything as I end up wearing more than I get put in..

so I bought 1 each for 3 of the grease guns I have (5 guns in total each with different grease)..

I report back on how i like them..

MAC702 02-16-2017 12:00 PM

You'd think something like that would be NORMAL! :(

JH35 02-16-2017 01:00 PM

When we ordered FIL's Milwaukee 18V grease gun about 1.5 years ago, we ordered one of these also. I had a plugged up fitting on the skid steer so I went to grease it in high gear and it stalled. Then switched to low gear and it powered through. The lock-n-lube stayed put. Very easy to use. Something like $30 USD if I remember.

BTW that 18V Milwaukee grease gun cranks. It shares batteries with the 1/2" drive impact which also cranks.


Windy_Acres 02-18-2017 07:23 AM

Ive got a lock-n-load, had it for years, not sure how many.

Also have tool, you put penetrant in, and strike it with a hammer, or should I say tap it. Basically its a long cylinder with piston you hold in your hand and tap on it, to force penetrant through the zerk and into the bushing or what have you. Dont remember who made it.

Yesterday, I pulled 12 steel wheels off my roll back trailer, and changed out the zerks, I had not greased the bed since 2010, had not used it much, and store it inside, but the zerks, pretty much rusted up anyway, and the port where the grease goes into the center of the wheel, was " plugged " for lack of a better description, so I had to pull each wheel apart and pump grease into each without its bearing present.

No cheater tools to be used on this screw up ( on my behalf ) Its a real pain to grease this trailer which helped get it overlooked for so long. It finally got to where the bed didnt want to roll anymore..:( Had to cut 3 grade 8 bolts, on both ends just to get all the wheels apart, and a 20 ton press and torch assisted finishing the " lube " process..

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