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Originally Posted by farmertim
Hey Shade,
How do I edit my bio? I'm sure it's simple , I'm just not doing something right.
Tim, at the top of the page, click "User CP" (Control Panel) then look on the left side, click on "edit profile" then just fill in the lines you want to add info to. Or if you mean to change something previously filled in, highlight the old data, hit backspace to wipe it out & fill it back in, or just highlight it & type over it..

If you want to add a sig line, click it separately and fill it in.

The avator button does not work due to a mysterious software glitch; if you want to add an avatar you need to email it to shopfloortalk at aol dot com.
Ron will post it for you through the administrator's panel.

Hope this gets you fixed up.
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