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I've been noticing (and am also very pleased) to see some more old names crop up as well as so many new members or user names. But I want to ask a personal favor of you. It often adds a lot to your posts (for me ) if I know - at least in a general way - where you're coming from. I don't care what your street address is, or if you live in a house or apartment. But very often, if I know you live and work in Ontario or in Miami, I can get a lot more from what you have to say. And over time, I can often learn something about how your location & environment affects or influences the techniques & processes you use, or maybe just how you look at things. Besides that, it just adds flavor to your comments as far as I am concerned. And sometimes, your questions can be aswered much accurately if we have an idea about the climate where your work is being done.
So please, guys - edit your profiles & fill in the locations part of it so it will appear with your name when you have something to say. I think it may even help attract more new members, too.
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