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THe motor killer on compressors is usualy the desire to get more pressure to operate tools better.
Starting is a 5-10 second event followed by a 3-5 minuet self cooling cycle.

As the pressure builds the horsepower demand rises and if the set pressure is high enough the motor will actually exceed its rated Hp during the final few seconds of the cycle. If you are using air at close to the pumps capacity the run time at max power is increased and the windings get quite hot perhaps too hot in the core of the motor where the cooling is poorest.
Repeat this cycle often enough and the winding insulation will fail usually in a shared slot with the start winding. When you tear the motor down what you see is burned start winding because they go on the next start cycle after the fatal run cycle cooks the insulation and allows a shorted turn to form in the start winding.
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