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Default On sale now

In playing with military trucks(and making some money off them) I have been known to work on vehicles out in the middle of no-where, in creek beds, or if I'm lucky, in a stranger's barn with no tools. I have found that when working with old vehicles that often use fine threads and have some rust, six point sockets are my preferred choice to 12 point.
I have used many tool sets over the years and REALLY liked the Husky sets I had, but one was stolen and the other stays in the basement for minor projects in the house. In my searching for a capable set, I found the Horrible Freight "301 piece master mechanic tool kit" It is mostly lacking in the wrench dept(but most tool "sets" are) I like having wrenches from 1/4 up to one and a quarter with me.

ANYHOO, this tool kit has been with me for about a year now and I can't say much bad about it. I don't like the fact that the sockets don't snap into place(in the case) but thats about it. It has a solidified its place as my go-to set for traveling mechanics duties. I urge anyone looking to give it a try and its on sale right now for 159.99. In my area that means $170 out the door with tax. If you decide to try it the coupon code is 79749590 good till 5/31/17.

It is nice to have a set that you aren't afraid to loose or break while I keep my expensive tools home where they are cared for.

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