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Default Obligitory safety message, please take 2 minutes to read.

On fire safety:
These generators run on a highly flamable and volitle fuel: gasoline. You WILL spill a little gas if you work on them. If you are not careful or just unlucky you might spill a LOT of gas. If you are in the garage or basement with a gas water heater or furnace that could turn out to be a major problem.

Work outdoors. If you smoke, don't do it while you are working on the genny. Think about what you will do if you spill gas all over your workbench and it catches fire. Do you have a way to put it out? If you can't put it out, can you escape? If you have to escape the burning generator, will your whole house burn down?

Yes, I worry much. I once caught a motorcycle on fire while removing the fuel tank, and it was just luck that allowed me to get the large and growing fire put out and not lose the motorcycle or possibly even my house. Only a few melted wires. I have placed some reminders within this text at appropriate places. Please take these warnings seriously.

Oh one more thing: I did the experiment, and it turns out that profanity is not an effective way to put out a fire...though if you have a fire I suspect you will be repeating the experiment for yourself. Maybe it will work for you, but I recommend a class B rated fire extinguisher, preferably CO2, less messy.

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