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I like the gold look so I decided to do the Gadsen coin. I have always felt it was the motto of the conservative movement.
This coin is a copper 1 ounce piece that started life at 1.625 inch, and I wanted it to be flat with the snake on the outside.
As this is a non-standard coin size I had to machine another forcing cone just to get started. And another centering ring for the punch holder to punch the hole.

Copper is a pleasure to work with and in no time I turned it over and had a ring. I brought the inside up to 7/8" for my ring finger and this made the reeded edge over 1.25.
I wrapped it in tape and put it in the lathe and cut out the inside edge of the reeding, as the forcing cone moves all the normal flare to the inside, and it would never size right with the internal ridge.
When you are reducing something as large as 1.625 down to a finished 1.125" OD, that metal has to go somewhere so the ring becomes noticeably thicker at the reeded edge. I could have corrected this by machining out the excess from the inside, but I chose to have the inside walls parallel and leave the one side thick. If I cut out the inside, it would have wiped out the "Price of Liberty" and eagles head.
Still haven't been able to buff out the inside of a ring, I inherited a dremel, but other than carbide burrs, it is useless with the buffing attachments.
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