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Default Buffalo Silent 200 16" blower

I was parusine ebay doing the usual looking for stuff I don't need..

I came across a 16" Buffalo Silent 200.. As most of you know I prefer the Buffalo silent 200 hand crank blowers over any other brand or model..

Anyhow, I could hardly belive my eyes.. A 16".. Never heard they made one that big..

So, I put to work to figure out the mystery.. Turns out Buffalo Forge and blower company did make a 16" blower for 2 years.. It was special order and in the 38 years of me doing this work I had never seen one or heard of one..

The guy wanted way to much money for a forge and blower so I made an offer which got turned down..

I followed the items through multiple ebay listings and made offers when the items would come up for bid/offers..

the price kept dropping..

Anyhow when it got to 398.00 or make offer I offered 350.00 thinking I could sell the forge for 100.00 and this would bring the cost of the blower down to 250.00+ shipping..

Only catch was it was local pickup only.. I really didn't want to purchase a non working blower but the guy though reluctant to post any extra pictures or supply me with any other info was a huge red flag, but I couldn't help myself..

I called my buddy Clint who lives in the area of Fort Worth, TX about 15minutes from the person selling the stuff and asked if he would be willing to pick the stuff up and ship me the blower till I could find time to get down there and pick up the forge.. Turns out he needed the forge for his firepot he bought 20 years ago.. Clint was my striker for nearly 10 years.. He started when he was about 13 years old.. His favorite hammer was the 16lbs sledge and he could swing it all day..

I was tough to work for way back then..

Anyhow, the blower is beat.. It looks like the housing filled up with water and rusted and besides that.. the guy selling it fucked it up by drilling out the input gear as the shaft was worn and instead of fixing it right he drilled and tapped the hole larger.. Makes me wanna punch him in the face.. Why do people do stupid stuff..

Sorry,, Nothing worse than a bad fix..

So, today I spent some time cleaning and tearing it apart to see just how bad of shape its in.. It's pretty bad.. Looks like it has a million cycles on it with bad or no oil.. all the bushing are shot, all the gears are worn, and all the bearings are rusted past being serviceable except in armageddon/apocalypse type place/time..

It needs a complete rebuild.. The gears I think I can get to work and be a decent sounding blower but they gears are 50% worn.. Had I picked up the blower in person I would have cancelled the deal and walked away feeling okay about it..

So, now I have the complete early line of Silent 200 blowers.. the 16" was made 1901 and 1902.. I have a 12", 14" and 16".. Cast iron housings.. They made a silent 200 in a pressed steel housing which is not so good..

You can see the damage that was not disclosed when I asked the guy what kind of shape it was in... Usable condition was his reply..

You can also see how much bigger the gear cover is vs the 14"..
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