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Originally Posted by midmosandblasting View Post
Some people definition of usable is a lot different than others.Now you know why it kept coming up and why no more pictures were offered.
You said a mouth full there.. One level of someones opinion of useable...

I kind of figured as much.. Not new to Ebay but was hopeful..

Originally Posted by toprecycler View Post
Sometimes you gamble and lose, when you can't get all the info that easily sent in today's age. But if anyone can bring it back to life, I know it is you Jennifer.

I am hopeful.. And besides that I might be an excellent learning lesson.. I've always wanted to learn how to cut gears..

The tough one will be the pinion gear as its helical cut..

Originally Posted by kiwi View Post
Did you give him the appropriate feedback for his eBay account?
I was to late.. I did email him and tell him how I felt about the exchange and how I felt shystered.. By the time I received the blower it was a few months after the auction. So no feedback..

Originally Posted by Scotts View Post
Hey Jen,

Here is a series of videos where Keith Rucker rebuilt a blower.

Nice find.. I watched part of it and the lathe work I think I can handle.. The gear cutting not so sure yet.. I'll get the bushings made and the pinion bearings replaced then I'll see how things sound.. If all good I'll put it back together but if it's noisier than I like well then it will be gear time..

Helical gear on the bottom might be out of my realm of ability.. So will see.. Keep your fingers crossed..

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