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Default Dont fear the Titanium

I have a few jobs to do that require titanium. I asked advice here as I had never worked with it before. I was expecting a tough job...I was in for a surprise.

I picked up some 6al-4v off ebay. I have a baby 10" lathe that is WWII vintage so I was a little worried about that. My insert selection is limited so I decided to just give the coated TCMT's I have a shot.
I plowed off into it with a fast feed as suggested. It cut beautiful with a good finish. I had some stringy chips that I am sure the correct insert would have taken care of. My coolant setup was a mess so I decided to give it a shot dry. That really was no problem at all! As long as I fed hard I could take pretty decent cuts for my machine without bogging at all.

So far it has been a very painless experience. If you can turn stainless then dont be afraid of titanium at all.
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