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Originally Posted by weldor2005 View Post
...No insulation or water lines in this one, my plan is to segregate a 18x36 portion off and insulate and heat with wood stove some day. The rest is left cold...
This I don't understand. There's no way in Hell that I would go to all the trouble and expense of putting up a shop and then not bother to heat it. I wouldn't do it here where we have a mild climate, let alone back there where you get real winter.

I've spent enough time working in cold damp environments to know that the alternative is much better--there's nothing like cold steel and frozen fingers to turn a simple project into an ordeal. I like my creature comforts--must be an old guy vs. young guy thing. I was young and dumb once...........well, I was young anyway...

Measure twice and cut once...or...wait, was that the other way around?
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