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Originally Posted by midmosandblasting View Post
You will wonder why I am saying this as you don't do wreck rebuild but put some pots in floor. we always want to tweek something straight as or after fab. Besides that new mill may need drug around .
Or I heard of one guy (I think competition company in town) that poured two IBeams in the floor so he had a continuous strip that he could weld fixtures or whatever to the floor as he needed. But I agree, something to tie down to be floor is nice. We have a couple in our shop at work and they have come in handy at times. I would also consider in floor heat. If your part time gig ever becomes full time job in the future, you will be regretting not being able to heat the floor. At least I know I regretted not putting heat pipe in my pole barn floor when I built it. Got in a hurry and didn't want to spent the extra $$ at the time.


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