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I agree on having some embeds in the floor, I can hook you up with them.

4 or 6 inch...I would love 6 when I build but understand the cost. I'd end up talking myself into six. But then I know that I'll eventually have equipment with heavy wheel loads in and out for repairs. If you don't see yourself working on that crap go for four with fiber and a number 4 mat 12 on 12. 2 number 5s around the perimeter in the grade beam.

I'm going to join the guys in slapping you if you bury the posts - enough said .

Put the pex in the floor, all of it. Zone it if you want and leave the big section capped off, but put it in now!

Menards buildings are OK, but they are just OK. Check into Pinno or Cleary or Morton. It's quality stuff, but it comes at a cost. An option that I've looked into and will probably go with is a miracle truss building. Check out their website for pictures and ideas, then go to Adams truss out of Arkansas for reasonable pricing. You could host the northern SFT party, rent a skytrak and we'll have it up in a weekend.
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