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My dad and I built a 30'x40' pole barn about 23 years ago. (One of these years I will get around to finishing the siding in it lol) We had our neighbor pour the floor first, I think either 4 or 5" with only fiber mesh in it, no rebar. The only cracks in it to this day are the control joints he put into it. We also put in a pipe for a truck crane we had, but it was only it it for a short while. I have my tire machine mounted over that section now. I regret we did not put pex in. Also, then we put the posts on the outside of the floor, so water can run off any edge. And there are no cracks radiating out from the posts. I would consider mounting the posts on top of the floor, or go with studded walls. Having the floor first was nice for the construction process, except that it attracted a lot of tools quickly.


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