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I agree 100% (for once) with Scott. Definitely not recommended to use toilet paper rolls in the Motorguard for either paint or nature it is designed to break down when wet. A good place for filters and drying are automotive paint supply vendors. Pressure and flow rates are similar to plasma needs. Jim Colt Hypertherm

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Do not use a motor guard filter with a toilet paper roll, unless you have another filter stopping the fibers that will come out.. Just dare you to paint something black, and see the little specs in you get in your paint. Many techs find fibers in the plasma cutter lines over time. Use the correct filters.. Motor-guard are better for stopping oil then water.. A true desiccant filter from Van-air or similar is a much better system anyway.. The little Miller filter(Victor used them for years too) is a pretty good little portable setup, and will stop oils, which is way worse for plasma cutters then water..

Wait for a deal on E-bay for one of these.. Generally what Plasma cutter makers use for a option on some of their models.. I bought service kits really cheap, and the driers new for like $25.00..
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