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Originally Posted by FeSpark View Post

I'd be very curious to see your set up! Honestly though, I wouldn't be using it for personal use.

This is the air filter hypertherm suggests you use on their product

I may get this one if I can find a good deal on it. Do all air filters have consumable parts? Is their no filter than you can just clean the filter out and stick back in?
I have a Hyper GS1250 and it has that thingy on the back of it. I have the upgraded Duramax machine torch on it. I find that I change my dryer media once a year or maybe 2 years. Jim would disagree but I think the little filter thing you linked is a bandaid solution. It is easy to end up buying 60-150 dollars worth of tips, electrodes, and other parts when I go to town, and for the little effort it takes to protect your investment and get mileage from the tip is worth it.
It seems you are concerned with portability. At the least then, I would use a Motorgard filter with a roll of TP in it. If portable, you are hooking into someone else's air system, and depending on their maintenance for air quality.
Or do what Playpus Jack does and use a bottle of nitrogen and a regulator. for the plasma gas when mobile.

Filters to clean and re-use for water are not in the cards, because the water we are talking about is not about a slug of water like you drain from a tank. If it was, you would only need a water trap. This stuff is humid air that condenses in the machine and tip. Which is why a toilet paper or cellulose filter works well.
Also the process of turning air into an electrically conductive gas, spinning it and focusing it into a beam means exact tolerances. Introducing a foreign object into the stream, that is vaporized inside the tip instead of outside in the target of the plasma stream, is what causes damage. It cuts a groove into the tip and makes the hole oval and enlarged, and often the plasma beam comes out at an angle.
Some makes of plasma cutters are more sensitive then others, and Hypertherm is breeding for water tolerance, but I like to be sure of things, why I set up to clean the air.
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