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Old 05-19-2017, 05:16 PM
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I would be satisfied with a 50/50 paint job (50feet/50mph). There are so many rivets it is almost impossible to sand. Sandblasting would probably go right through the side. I suppose I could replace the whole thing but the newer buses are automatic shift and I'd rather have a standard. The running gear is in good shape, the body doesn't look so hot. At this point I'm leaning towards wire brush the loose pain off and wash down with ospho. The last time the roof was painted it was done with a roller. The sides were done with a brush. If I can get Trombone Pete to run the brush I'd try the roller/brush method. It's faster than a brush with a better finish than a roller. Spraying would be impossible, everything around here would have a pink tinge and I don't think the neighbors would like their houses that color.
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