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Old 01-07-2018, 06:50 AM
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Originally Posted by JohnBoy View Post
32a so, there really isn't a single phase socket any bigger, any more than that gets hard wired.

If he has one of those in his shed then he should be OK for any reasonable inverter so.
Thirty Two amps.......That's why your not Air Arc cutting in the garage eh ?

The residents of Ireland should rise up, and demand "MORE POWER" ......

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Old 01-07-2018, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by digger doug View Post
I have heard that German houses have 380 3 phase.
This seems to be the European standard 3 phase. 220v phase to neutral and 380 phase to phase. Our rental in Turkey was supplied 220/380 3 phase 50 Hz. Wall warts were single phase 220 fused at 10 amps and the big loads like the oven, AC, and electric water heaters were supplied with 3phase.
Design to 0.001", measure to 1/32", cut with an axe, grind to fit..
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Old 01-09-2018, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by digger doug View Post
I have heard that German houses have 380 3 phase.
My aunt & uncle's place had 400V 3Ø for the kitchen range. The EU has "harmonized" voltages to 400/230V, although it's unlike the USA where 110V, 220V, are flat ass obsolete, no PoCo offers those pre-WWII voltages, in the EU some countries were 380/220V, others 415/240V, harmonized 400/230V, fits that tolerance even though nothing changed.

BTW, the NEC requires a minimum 100A service for a residence. Prior to the 1978 NEC, the 1965, & 1971 editions merely recommend a 100A service minimum for a residence, it became a requirement in the '78 NEC, did not look at the '75.
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Old 01-09-2018, 09:33 AM
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Miller Electric / ITW Welding products contact in the UK. I got this information from Appleton, WI. Miller's HQ.



Phone: 441695585910
Cell Phone: 447887618308
Fax: 441695424474 HM


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Old 01-16-2018, 07:08 AM
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These guys have one of the best ranges of kit. Thermal arc, esab, tecarc/oxford, miller, parweld, jasic, gys, and a few others
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