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Old 06-20-2017, 05:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Matt Shade View Post
Nice work, reading this has made me think its time for me to make an anvil stand. I have been using one I made out of 4x4's and it doesn't like the uneven floor in the garage. When I try to work over the edge I chase it in a circle. I'd like to upgrade my anvil too (cast steel 110lb that HF used to carry) but that will have to wait.

I like how you set yours up to work in the trailer. That took a lot of thought. Mine won't be nearly as complicated, but I have to make something that is less mobile than the wooden stand, but doesn't require the tractor to move either.
Thanks Matt,

A good stand is always a plus... I differ than most as I like the heaviest stand I can possibly get with the largest foot print within reason.. I always hated chasing an anvil around..

I could tell the difference between the old stand and the new right off the bat without even having the anvil bolted down.. I was like OOPs.. to hard of a hit.. I was so used to having to pound the hell out of the metal to get it to move..

Anyhow, if you are only moving the anvil a short distance you can get away with a very heavy base as you can walk it on edge.. could also design it so you can fill it with scrap or such..

Curious as to what you will do..

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Old 06-20-2017, 08:32 AM
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Near the bottom of the resource pile, I have a 6x6x3/8 post about 8ft long with a 1" base plate from a building I tore down while I was still doing the construction gig. I'm thinking of something similar to the portable stands most farriers use, but 3 legs on it (for the uneven floor) and made of the large square pipe. My anvil is only 110 lbs so its not hard to lift it off, move the stand, and lift it back on if moving them together is too much. The wooden stand is plenty solid for working on top of the anvil, but the flat bottom on the uneven floor lets it spin if I need to work over the edge or on the horn, and then I swear even more than normal
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