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Old 04-25-2010, 12:15 AM
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Default Kinder Morgan 91 mile 10 inch CO2 distribution line project in Texas

I suspect that this project is running a little bit behind schedule, we have been in a wet weather cycle here lately.

Some of the ditch has been dug, some of the pipe has been laid out next to the ditch. And comes the rain. 4+ plus inches followed by more rain and some drying days and more rain. Beats a drought and a burn ban.

Here's part of the information from the paper in Fisher County on it and if you are a pipeliner, well here it is. Maybe you can hired.

This ongoing project starts in Scurry County and ends in Stonewall County.

It is part of a CO2 Flood Project of the Katz Field near Knox City, which is in Knox County.

If you are a pipeline welder looking for work, this is one to check out.

Have no idea as to who to contact. Kinder Morgan has an office in Snyder which is the county seat of Scurry County.

Pretty sure that a welding test is required.

Kinder Morgan HQ phone Number - (713) 369-9000

Kinder Morgan CO2 Company
Doug McMurrey
(713) 369-9159
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