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Old 10-11-2017, 10:46 AM
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1 - A holder for the press brake punch die. I bought 3 ft of punch and 5 way die and cut it down to 32" for the 55t press. The material is the hex end of a torsion bar. It machined nicely with carbide but my crappy taps said no way to tapping some set screws in for the punch die.

The rest are auction grabs. A ton of garbage tooling. Some of it is broken. Some of it appears to have had a 2 year old take an angle grinder to it. Some of it is tapered shaft and I don't know what it would fit. Some of it has exterior fine thread on the top. There are a few end mills that can be salvaged and sharpened and they will pretty much make it worth the price of admission. The pallet of shafting material ranges from 2 7/16 to over 3 inch, maybe 3.5. Paid $50 for that pallet. Paid 40 for the faceplate and 4 jaw. The box of jaws doesn't contain any that fit the 4 jaw. The 8 inch USA made vise is nice but I think the screw is bent. The large end mill on the left came with other tooling but will be good to put on the shelf as a novelty item.

My friend picked up a handyman cnc mill with the CNC part not working at the same auction.
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Old 10-11-2017, 11:34 AM
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Kevin, if the screw on that vise is bent, I would recommend watching some of Kieth Fenner's YouTube videos on straghtening. He did one on straightening a lead screw that is quite good. He also makes up some rollers for testing straightness that make figuring out just where to apply the press a bit easier.
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Old 10-12-2017, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by KevinF View Post
The vise looks good. The brand is HFS.

Got a quill indicator holder and a cheapy half thou indicator. Looks like its about .003 out of tram across the vise. Will get that dealt with in time.

Now I just need a project!
Kevin, some thoughts and suggestions:
I have the same vice. I would take the swivel off and toss it. You are much more rigid without it and if you want it as a dust collector, feel free, I just threw mine out after 7 years of non-use.

Bubba's suggestion of going through your vice is a good one. I have a 4 just like yours, and a 6". The 6" was very cheap and I always thought it was lower quality because of that. I took the 4 apart and did the stuff on the video. It was really primitive in the half ball and slide part, and I corrected that. Without smooth functioning of these parts you do not get the proper pulldown of the movable jaw.

I then did the 6" one. It was much better quality in the fit and finish where it counts, but the thrust bearing in both cases is crap, and buying a new one from a bearing supply is the real answer. About 7 bucks.

Also you should chop off the handle of the vice so it does not hit the ways and loosen the vise when you are power feeding. Needs about 1.5 chopped off and re-attach the ball.

I made the mistake years back with my first vise being way too big. Anything bigger than a 6 inch can handle, can be clamped to the T slots.
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