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Old 07-27-2010, 06:21 AM
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I had a bit of a wait for some plumbing fittings to turn up, but when they did I replaced a few low pressure diesel lines, some of which had previous bodges with some nice stainless braided hose. I think it looks the part.

After that it was basically down to final prep and startup.

I drained a load of water out of the fuel filter (forgot to cover the inlet before powerwashing) and charged the battery.

Then I poured in half a gallon of anti freeze, went off filled the gallon with water and went back to the tractor to see the anti freeze draining happily out the bottom of the rad!
closed the drain tap, filled it up with water and put an extra squeeze on some of the hose clips.

Then I dipped it for oil, put in 2 gallons of diesel, cracked the injectors and turned it over for a bit, closed off the injectors when they started to spit.

But it wouldnt start. seemed quite lazy turning over. I checked all my connections and voltages and all looked well, I also had my car hooked up on jumps for maximum oomph. This is where I started getting a nagging feeling about one of the brushes, that I wasnt 110% happy with the way it had gone in. So off it came and onto the bench, and yeah, one of the brushes was a bit tight. I managed to pull it back out and file it down a bit before re-installing.

Shazam!!!! with a cloud of smoke she took off with hardly a second on the now speedy starter, I throttled back and it died straight away.

Tried it again and it blew a little less smoke and settled to a nice idle.

So how had all my little jobs worked out?

Starter Rebuild – now starts pretty feckin fast
Front axle pivot bush – the axle now lifts off the ground at the same time as the rest of the tractor, and makes a whole lot less racket doing it.
Alternator – well it spins round, I might wire it at some stage too.
Fuel lines – no visible leaks yet anyway
Governer diagphram – finally the engine works as it should, increasing and decreasing power as needed to maintain a constant speed. The only downside is it doesn’t seem to rev quite as high, which is a dose for reversing the box into a heap.
Setting valve clearances – it no longer smokes like an Iraqi oil well.
Stop cable adjustment - pull it and it stops, whereas before you had to hold it right out at the limit of it's travel and it would eventually splutter out.

All in all I'm a very happy boy, I've a lot of work to get done around the yard/garden over the next few weeks so it'll be well used, it's got two evening's work under it's belt already.
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Old 07-27-2010, 11:07 AM
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Good for you John, I like seeing old iron run.
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Old 07-27-2010, 11:59 AM
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Looks like some happy kit there, John.
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Old 03-09-2017, 04:25 AM
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Nothing posted on this thread for a long time, because there was nothing much to post.

The 20's been soldiering away, not had to do much for the last few years as the property has "matured" ie less of a jungle now.

In the interim I ended up paying someone to re-rebuild the starter, it had a very worn gear which was becoming a major issue and I was worried if I didnt get that sorted I'd destroy the ring gear.

I put something rusty through a rear tyre which took months to sort. I couldnt find where it had poked through, but I kept puncturing the tube, put a new tube in thinking maybe the old one was just perished and easily damaged and that suffered the same fate. In the end I cut the old tube and wrapped it round the new one, like an overcoat, has held air for three or four years now since.

I replaced part of the governer that draws vaccum from the inlet manifold as it was leaking in air around the shaft. part couldnt be gotten new, but I got a less worn replacement and used some jb weld on the bushings to try and get a better seal, it's not perfectly governed and tends to hunt a little, but it's a lot better than the kangaroo ride it used to be.

I've some jobs coming up for it this summer in the yard and the issue of recent years has been the fuel tank leaks at the seams. I'm wondering what do ye guys think of the likes of the por15 tank sealer kits? I can get a new tank for around twice the price of a full por15 sealer kit, but not sure what the quality is like on them.
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