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Old 03-20-2017, 10:10 AM
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Default TRM Design sign

Last year Trevor and I decided to start a new business. We decided to call ourselves
TRM Design. There are many micro breweries, vineyards, and distilleries opening up in our area and we made enough connections to get our foot in the door and get some work.

We really want a CNC plasma table but still have some more work to do in order to fund it. I had this idea for a sign and Ironman (Gerry) helped us out by cutting all the letters on his table.

Gerry cut the letters from 18 or 20ga steel and sent them to us. I wanted to make the TRM letters 3D and illuminate them. I started by making a little jig to weld studs on the back of the letters. I then cut strips of sheet steel 1-1/4” wide and welded them to the perimeter of the letters to make them 3D.

For the DESIGN letters, I just made some ¼” stand offs, welded them to the back of the letters, and drilled and tapped them for 10-24 machine screws.

I then made a rack gear from some aluminum flat bar, and welded it to a piece of 1” channel to make it 3D. The back plate for the sign is ¼” aluminum. I laid out all the letters on the back plate and used transfer screws to mark and drill the holes. Then I took the plate to the mill for some engine turning. I had some 4” 80 grit discs and made a holder for them and glued them to the holder. It was a slow process but the DRO on the mill made it easier than counting dials. The back late is 39” wide and I could not do it on one pass on my mill table so I had to re-index and clamp the plate on every pass. Half way through the turning I had to replace the abrasive disc and it changed the effect and I’m not at all happy with it. I will most likely make a new back plate after I find a more consistent abrasive.

Gerry also cut out the caliper from a piece of stainless that I sent him. I mounted the caliper with ¼” stand offs and double sided tape.

I sanded and painted all the letters. For illumination, I used blue LED strips that I bought on ebay direct from china. I got twenty 14” strips for $6 shipped. They were self adhesive and put them on the underside of the TRM letters and inside the rack gear.
It’s really hard to see with my crappy pictures but the LED illumination really looks cool.
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