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Old 02-18-2017, 07:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitetrash View Post
I thought this was a great video because the camera angle really let you get a look at how you work a piece to draw it into a taper. Plus other phases how you use the anvil. The video on hinge forging was excellent. But, it left me wondering can I swing a damn hammer like that anymore?
Thanks,, feed back like yours is important to me.. I want to make videos I want to watch but also videos others can watch and learn or at least take away something positive..

I recently came to the conclusion that instead of trying to do what others are doing for videos even though popular.. I would just do stuff I'd like to watch being made.. It freed me up so to speak..

The hinges because of the size of stock is the reason for the big hammer.. i used to get paid via quote.. Go under time i make extra money.. Go overtime and I make less money.. Since I don't have a power hammer running.. A really big hammer becomes the key to effect to the center of the mass working on..

In my mind there is no reason for anybody to swing a hammer that large especially with the talent on here both in fabrication and welding and in shop spaces could easily make an electric hammer, air hammer or hydraulic press..

It's probably not the best to show the really big hammers in use because of the "shock and awe" factor but it's just how I have worked and the 6lbs and 4lbs hammers just feel right.. (which by the way is the most important thing.. Use what is comfortable for you)..

Mind you it only took me maybe 10 years of smithing to get comfortable moving them and now I'm so sloppy.. I have some time to get back in shape..

So, don't worry about hammer size.. Just find a size you are comfortable with and you will find your one way to the size you prefer..

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