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Old 05-28-2017, 08:26 AM
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Originally Posted by o7oBaseMetal View Post
I am assuming you are looking to stick to ferrous metal and things that TIG in DC. I am not aware of am AC/DC TIG/MIG in that price range.

I have a Thermal Arc Fabricator that was around $900 new. I mostly use it for stick welding but it will also do DC TIG, FCAW, and MIG. It does pretty well for DC TIG. I don't like that it is setup to require a push button torch or a foot pedal because I am used to the scratch start style lift TIG we use out in the field but sometimes there are times where the foot pedal is handy. From what I can tell, when Esab bought Thermal Arc they simply took the Fabricator series, changed the display, painted it yellow, added some fancy trim to the case, and renamed it the "Rebel" which will cost you a few hundred dollars more.
One thing I will say is I have never tried MIG welding with the Fabricator. I have run a few spools of Flux Core through it and I haven't been impressed. It seems to bird's nest up too often to be practical. Many people say it will run MIG wire smoother but I can't say I have tried yet. I enjoy stick welding so whenever something doesn't need to be TIG welded I usually just stick weld it.
The rebel has far more capability than the fabricator if you choose the setting to allow it to do so.
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