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Matt nice hammer..

A rounding hammer is just that.. For turning shoes or rounding them up..

The flat face is used for flat areas on the shoe.. a horse shoe is not turned around a horn like most would assume.. Well not anymore.. I still turn on the flat and refine of the horn..

It's actually turned on the flat face of the anvil with the round face of the hammer hitting the inside web/inner arc of the shoe and the reason it's round faced.. Ideally to match the same radius as the inside web..

The reason for using the round face while working like BB or AS is it will act like a fuller getting more penetration into the steel vs a flat face.. Used this way in combination of only working 1/2 the cross section over the edge of the anvil you can move some pretty good metal per heat..

I prefer a longer rounding hammer as once you get each heel around they get in the way and force you to refine shoe shape over the horn..

Most farriers swing a might mean hammer.. They swing like the blacksmiths of old did.. Now most blacksmiths swing low and slow.. Watch a world farrier competition if you want to see how to swing a hammer for forging..

Horns on Farriers anvils have a different shape as well.. Ideally for a blacksmithing anvil you want to top crest of the horn to be higher and round..

A farriers anvil you want either side of center of the horn round but not the very top it should be somewhat flat..

Of course there are work arounds and a skilled smith can work on any anvil or surface...

Mustad was a Swedish company that was bought out by Capewell and then capewell got bought by someone else.. Farrier supplies depending on where purchased can have a huge mark up and be pretty expensive..

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