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Old 09-14-2016, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by rustythe4x4 View Post
I use a water separator I built from the idea from the archives in this very forum. (See franzinator)
I have never had water issues with my plasma, or painting.
I'm not a fan of the desiccant style filters, I had one fail brilliantly, spitting water through that had been trappend in it.
I have a refrigerated drier that I have never plumbed into my air system, but still may one of these days.

I think my water separator is similar to what ironman is running... and come to think of it, there should be a thread somewhere here detailing my air system...
Rusty, I think my silica gel prills would be called a desiccant. Unlike a common desiccant like Scott uses, you do not have to drain the desiccant column regularly as this stuff grabs water and won't let go of it, unless baked. And you guys in Saskatchewan are famously dry, usually.

As for the horrors of using a toilet paper filter, many cars and the US army used this type as an oil filter. FWIW, I have 2 original Franz oil filters, one in the original box, which were sold up to the 1960 era as an auxiliary oil filter. After they shut down, Motorguard started up making these out of plastic instead of the chromed steel of the original Franz. (Not to be confused with a certain banned member)

And if you look at my tractor painting thread(which will be continued) you will note the high gloss finish without TP fibers sticking out or marring it. Likewise for the black fence I recently did. For the painting there are no filters past my Motorguard. For the plasma, because I am too lazy to remove it, there is still that little widjit hanging off the back that Hypertherm calls a filter. It has never collected anything.

All I can say is, YMMV but it works for me, and works well, or it would be chucked out fast.
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Old 09-14-2016, 09:46 AM
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If you buff and rub the black paint, little white specs can show up in the paint.. Motorguards were Aluminum (the one I had...)The lowering of the dew point is really where it's at for air treatment. Still E-bay offers the best bang for the buck on filters generally.. Zero maintenance is really nice with air systems..Draining the tower is just part of the drill, like draining a compressor.
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