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Old 02-16-2017, 11:09 AM
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Default LocknLube

For years I have struggled with grease fittings and have always wanted a better way with getting grease where it belongs..

Little did I realize some of it was my own fault when I could not get a coupler off the grease fitting (to much pressure in the line still) and pulled the hose or the fitting out of the mounting hole.. Argh..

Recently in the PTEN mag I was reading there was an advert for LOCKnLube..

At first I was intrigued but them forgot about it.. Until I had to rebuild the front end on the 2001 F350 Super Duty powerstroke's front axle.. Yup, had a pinion bearing have a heart attack and spent a week tearing it apart, cleaning, new bearings and putting it all back together.. l

Not that I am a big fan of any truck make.. But I just like a truck that works.. I mistakenly thought by purchasing an F350 I would be getting a Dana60 front.. NOPE.. Ford used 50's in them unless they were a dually until the 50's were all used up.. Fer's...

Anyhow, I ended up greasing all the joints and such and it's when I figured out the traditional coupling was stuck till the pressure of the grease equilized and then I could take the hose off.. I then also remembered why I hate to grease anything as I end up wearing more than I get put in..

so I bought 1 each for 3 of the grease guns I have (5 guns in total each with different grease)..

I report back on how i like them..

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